Gel nails are based on a much more up-to-date technology than the popular acrylic nails, although they do not take their place. Being at an intermediate point between liquids and solids, the gel is a kind of paste that, when exposed to ultraviolet rays, acquires its characteristic shape.

For those who usually “eat” their nails or do not have enough time to grow their nails or want to have longer nails just for aesthetics or because they have an event to attend.
Barcelona gel nails help you to have resistant nails, with a presentation and appearance without limits, long lasting and unparalleled brilliance, join the slow life movement and enjoy a better quality of life by pampering your wellbeing in our salons.

We recommend that gel nails be done every 3 to 4 weeks depending on how fast each person’s nails grow, as it is different in each case and does not always last the same length of time.

Applying gel nails Barcelona is much easier and less messy as it allows for better handling and versatility.

To shape the gel, you have to work on a mold or directly on your hands. Keep in mind that gel nails can be adapted to multiple needs, such as the following:

If your nails are broken, nibbled and therefore very short, and if you want to show off long and beautiful nails, you can opt for gel nails, applying a gel extension on each of the jelly nails, and thus maintain the nail extension while your own nails grow
In order to correctly perform the gel nails Barcelona, it is important to first do a thorough cleaning of the nails, so that they last longer, and then proceed with the creation of the molds to rebuild the nails. Let them dry for a while and then remove the molds and remove the leftovers from the top.

Now it is time to file the nails to make them as close as possible to natural nails and finish by applying the polish of choice.


In our center many of our clients ask us to make their manicure last for weeks and weeks, our answer is almost always the same: gel nails. This treatment allows to extend its duration with the technique of filling as the nails grow, so you can easily exceed two months with gel nails, the procedure is very simple, as soon as you see that the natural nail is being exposed because of its growth, is filled eses space.

How is this technique applied?

By applying a few coats of base coat directly to the nail and then drying it with ultraviolet light after applying a fixative to make it adhere more firmly, what is achieved is to create a highly resistant and almost unbreakable polish so that your nails can withstand whatever comes their way.

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