If you have ever thought about developing a commercial activity but you are not sure which one, it is time to consider opening a franchise.


The Hello Nails franchise network offers the possibility to open your own nail salon with a prestigious position in the hand and foot beauty sector.

We tell you how it works!

Selecting a successful franchise

Franchises are a good option for those who are looking to open a store or business but do not know how or in what sector they want to specialize. That is why a search and selection of the most successful franchises or prospecting for profits will be the first step.

If you have ever wondered how a franchise works, it is a system of business collaboration with a contract between two parties. The franchisor, which is the company that provides the business model and, on the other hand, the franchisee, which is the independent person or company that benefits from the business model in a given area in exchange for a fixed or variable fee.

The franchisee will be able to enjoy both the name and the services provided by the parent company in exchange for an initial fee and a monthly fee.

The formula for success

The reason for the success of franchising is that it is the franchise that responds quickly to the needs of the company. This is what allows the franchisee to access economic speed without committing large financial resources.

The Hello Nails franchise network, specialized in the beauty of hands and feet, already has more than 20 centers in Barcelona and Madrid. All the franchised centers have an impeccable management of the services offered by the network of nail centers, due to the growth of the company.

The formula for franchise success depends not only on the business model, but also on the franchisor’s management and the resources he makes available to his franchisees to guarantee their growth.

If you are interested in learning how Hello Nails franchises work, request more information by email: We will explain to you in detail the business formula we use to be leaders in the network of nail franchises.