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The revolution of permanent nail polish is here to stay, with permanent nail polish Barcelona, you can show off a perfect manicure and pedicure for about two weeks. It is a technique that is implemented in an extremely simple way by our professionals of our Hello Nails centers. The main feature of this revolutionary technique is that you get a brightness and durability that will make your nails are admired by everyone, while it gives you security and confidence in your style and affirms your personality.

All this with high quality products, with which we work in all our centers, specially recommended to achieve the best results, available in a wide range of colors and shades.

However, we recommend to be careful with permanent nail polish as it may not be the most suitable for the nails, since it requires the use of products that are made of acrylates and formaldehyde, which can generate different reactions in the nail and the skin around it, that is, not only the nail, but also in the skin around it and even more. It must also be taken into account that for some people the technique used can be an aggression for their nails. Since it begins with the polishing of the superficial part eliminating in this way the hardest layer of the nail, therefore it becomes thinner and more fragile, with the danger of breaking or cracking. Then the application of the different layers of products is done, which as we said before are made up of acrylates and other ingredients.

To remove it properly, acetone, which is a powerful solvent, is used in high concentrations to remove the enamel, which could cause further damage.