The pedicure Barcelona is the treatment of toenails that we do in our centers in the city, it is important and healthy and helps the general welfare, this way you get the treatment you deserve. Toenails are prepared and cut in the same way as fingernails.

It differs in the way the back of the feet are cleaned to remove dead skin cells. In a pedicure, the feet are splashed, buffed and framed, the skin on the nails is pushed back and emptied, and unsightly skin is removed in a similar manner as when doing fingernails.

We have often heard these types of words when we visit any beauty salon, however, we may not know the distinction or what each particular thing is used for and where.

Manicure is used as a treatment for the hands and nails however pedicure is used as a treatment for the feet, toenails and legs.

The manicure and pedicure process furthermore includes distinctive things in its whole process, manicure includes removing saturation ,and kneading the hands, shaping and cutting the nails and applying clean nails, while pedicure includes expelling the dead skin cells on the feet, massaging the feet and legs, and after that cleaning the toenails.


The Barcelona pedicure is the ultimate care of the feet and nails. A standard pedicure begins with a prolonged immersion of the foot in sterile water. When the feet are softened by the water, the calloused areas of the foot are cleaned. At this point, the toenails are shaped and polished beforehand.


Nail trims and pedicures offer numerous advantages, including enhancing the surface and appearance of the hands and feet and anticipating hangnails, ingrown toenails and nail breakage. Care that incorporates heel massage also helps safeguard the versatility of the skin of the hands and feet.

You may know what a manicure is, however, shouldn’t you know something about a pedicure? A pedicure is a spa treatment to remove stains, trim, buff, buff, scrub, paint here and there. Search for information to any extra questions you may have about pedicures, from costs and salon nail shapes to the types of pedicures accessible.

We are happy to give you all this information if you book a visit to our nail center.


Disease identification: Nail professionals may have the ability to distinguish contagious contaminations or bunions early, so you can handle them before they become a problem.

Softer skin: Many pedicures utilize creams, moisturizers and other additional elements that help repair dry skin. In addition, almost all of them incorporate essential ingredients to evacuate any dead and superfluous skin.

Helps with stress: You can relax in the middle of a pedicure, the mental benefits are enormous.


A typical pedicure (often called a “standard pedicure”) involves soaking the foot in water, at which time it will be cleaned with a pumice stone to dislodge dead skin or calluses.

Shortly thereafter, the nails will be cut and formed, at which point they will be cleaned (if necessary). Other types are:

Shellac pedicure

Since chipped nails after a pedicure can be a hindrance, some prefer a shellac pedicure, which uses exceptional cleaning and an ultraviolet light that should allow your cleaning to last about fourteen days.

Gel pedicure

The gel pedicure is, for all intents and purposes, equivalent to a shellac pedicure, plus it uses a gel instead of a cleaner to prevent the nail shade from chipping.

Spa Pedicure

A spa pedicure emphasizes decay. These changes, however, despite a regular pedicure, may be accompanied by a longer back massage, a kerosene wax treatment or a hot stone treatment to relieve stiffness.


Chocolate pedicure

There are a wide assortment of less normal pedicures, however, this is one of the most exotic, as you get a chance to soak up the hot chocolate on your feet as the spoonfuls of cocoa are removed.

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We will do our best to not only solve your problems but also advise you on the best colors according to your style. We can treat common conditions such as toenail growth, calluses, fungal infections and cracked heels in the pedicure.

For other foot conditions such as warts, treatment may be required and therefore we will do our best to guide you in the best way. Your toenails will be well trimmed and in good shape. But we will not forget that beauty is also in your feet.

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